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Monday Morning lyrics

Monday Morning - Peter; Paul; Mary

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Monday Morning - Peter; Paul; Mary

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Ca sĩ: Peter; Paul; Mary

Early one mornin’ one mornin’ in spring
To hear the birds whistle the nightingales sing
I met a fair maiden who sweetly did sing
I’m going to be married next monday morning.

How old are you my fair young maid,
Here in this valley this valley so green
How old are you my fair young maid,
I’m goin’ to be sixteen next monday mornin’.

Well sixteen years old, that’s too young for to marry
So take my advice, five years longer to tarry
For marriage brings troubles and sorrows begin
So put off your wedding for monday mornin’.

You talk like a mad man, a man with no skill
Two years I’ve been waiting against my own will
Now I’m determined to have my own way
And I’m going to be married next monday mornin’

And next monday mornin’ the bells they will ring
And my true love will buy me a gay gold ring
Welcome to
Also he’ll buy me a new pretty gown
To wear at my wedding next monday mornin’

Next monday night when I go to my bed
And I turn round to the man that I’ve wed
Around his middle my two arms I will fling,
And I wish to my soul it was monday mornin’.
Monday Morning - Peter; Paul; Mary
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